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6 DIY Design Tools for Non-Designers

As someone who loves design but who has admittedly little artistic ability, I’m always looking for new design tools that let me create beautiful visuals without needing to ask for help. To save you some of the work, I’m sharing some of my favorite DIY tools for creating custom-made

Blackhawks Logo Survey

The Chicago Blackhawks logo is iconic for many Chicagoans and has served as one of the most marketable brands in the NHL. Over the last 5 years, their logo has been subject to controversy due to the stereotypical depiction of their Native American mascot. Although

The Ultimate Real Estate Logo Design Guide

If you want to sell successfully in the real estate industry you need a professional logo and branding strategy. Whether you are a realtor, starting a real estate property investment company or property management service your logo needs to effectively convey your business and its