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33 Brilliant Concepts of Badges Logo Designs

Creative Retro/Vintage badges, emblem and logo badges design for inspiration. Professionally designed logo badges amazing concepts and ideas. Today’s in this gallery I’ve gathered creative badges and logo designs, concepts and ideas that will surely inspired you. Corporate identity or Branding is all about creating a logo design and in building up the

26 Best Hand Lettering Quotes For Inspiration

A list of good inspirational quotes presenting in hand lettering style. Beautiful quotes that will keep your motivated and inspired in your daily life. I love hand lettering typography design and today shared some of the great handmade lettering designs for quote lovers.  Lettering motivational,

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity relates to the way a business illustrates itself to its customer base and what they perceive of it. In simple terms, just like every individual is unique, having a brand identity for your business is the special trait that sets your organization apart

50 Top WordPress Themes Of 2020

Best CMS is WordPress! which allows you to both host and build your website, while also customizing it to your own preferences. You can choose to build a blog, a business website or even an online ecommerce store by making use of all the features

21 Best Photoshop Actions for Painting Art

Painting Photoshop actions can turns your photo into a realistic painting effect and looks more attractive. Best Photoshop actions are made for designers and photographers who wanna creative amazing photographs, images and designs. Also these actions are very easy to use , no need professional skills

26 Best Procreate Brushes For Illustration Drawing

Create amazing sketches and hi-quality illustrations with Procreate Brushes. 1000+ brushes in 26 brush sets for Procreate, that takes advantage of every single feature that Procreate app offers. These are the perfect brushes to accentuate your art, especially for drawing illustrations. Creative best Procreate brushes