Here is why you should try out the Zero SSL!

Here is why you should try out the Zero SSL!

ZeroSSL is one of its kind alternative to the Let’s Encrypt, however, we offer completely free SSL certificates, and provide an easy to use interface. Furthermore, the product is phenomenal and is coming to you with the collaboration of CA, which is a trustworthy entity on its own.

Moreover, for the first time, we are not only offering an ACME/AP but also a RestAPI, which allows users to validate certificates for either 90-days or a year.

We also come bearing good news for all our users, we are launching our ACME Server Beta version in May, which allows you to automate the certificate issued via ZeroSSL. We are essentially a plug-in solution.

ZeroSSL has single-domain, multi-domain, and wildcard entries for no fee at all through ACME and can support up to one year of certificates with a very reasonable subscription plan.

Our fundamentals are based on three basic principles.

  1. Accessibility
  2. Usability
  3. Automation


We believe in the power of being accessible. We are an all-inclusive firm and we always wanted to put together an API, which is within reach for everyone. Our API is highly affordable with a plan fully optimized to give out 100 percent performance.

This is also one of the main reasons behind introducing the 90-day certificate, this enables you to use our service for free for three months. And then decide if we are the best option for you. Furthermore, you are allowed to avail of free service five times.


In the world of tech, usability is the largest deciding factor for success. Usability is one of the main elements that we wanted to incorporate in the API, as the greater the usability, it will attract more consumers, as it makes their life easy.

Due to this, we have a fully functional management SSL interface that comes for free with every ZeroSSL plan.


The modern world is all about automation and making one’s life easy. That is why the SSL is fully automated. It is also supported across all major ACME integrations around the globe.

With multiple automation features in the ZeroSSL, your life will be really easy.

ZeroSSL Features

The top features of the ZeroSSL are enough to convince you to try out the encryption platform.

SSL Certificates

Get Free SSL Certificates

90-Day Certificates

With the 90 day certificate, you can fully protect the data for free by just a simple sign up for the ZeroSSL-Free plan. The validation for each certificate will only take some minutes and installation is pretty simple as well. You will also be provided with instructions at each step.

1-Year Certificates

After you are sure that we are the perfect option for you, you can sign up for the premium one year certificate. This plan is called the ZeroSSL-Premium and can support single and multi-domains along with wildcards. This installation hardly takes 10 minutes.

Multiple Domains

Both the 90-day certificates and one year certificate can have single and multiple domains. However, they require a signup name and verification. Registering either one of the domains is as easy as it gets.

Wildcard SSL

Issue a wildcard for any fixed or variable sub-domains with the SSL certificate. Wildcards are available for all kinds of ZeroSSL certificates.

One step validation

Validating SSL certificates

Automatic CSR

You can automate the Certificate Signing Request process instead of manually entering the general information, admin, and tech details.

One-Step Email Validation

This has to be the fastest way for email validation. The one-step validation allows you to verify either single or multiple domains for the SSL certificates.

CNAME Validation

If the email validation is not valid for a certificate, you can go to the DNS route. ZeroSSL allows you to generate a unique CNAME value to add to the DNS entry.

HTTP File Upload

To validate multiple domains in one go for an SSL Certificate, use the HTTP file upload option and add a lightweight automated text to the server.

Quick installation

Installing SSL certificates

Help Resources

The ZeroSSL help resource center has all the answers that you need. No matter what your issue or service is, just use the help center. With easy to follow instructions and video tutorials, the SSL certificates will be downloaded in a minute.

Installation Checks

After installation, ZeroSSL takes care of any issue that might persist later on in life due to installation errors. You could do that all with a single click.

Tailored Certificates

Completely dependent on the server you want to install, you can change the speed with it. To increase the installation speed ZeroSSL will allow you to auto-generate the certificates in a compatible format.

Management console

UI for SSL Certificate Mangement

Certificate Management

Each one of the ZeroSSL accounts comes with a management console, it allows you to configure the certifications, validate them, manage, and install the already existing certificates.

Expiration Reminders

You get constant expiration reminders so that you don’t ever have to deal with the hassle of renewing expired certificates.

Developer Settings

With easy developer settings, the ZeroSSL management console allows access, reset, and navigate through the API for documentation, integration, and coding examples for different languages.

Billing Management

Other than managing the billing and payment options, ZeroSSL allows you to either upscale or downscale at any given time.

SSL monitoring

ZeroSSL certificate monitoring

Certificate Health Checks

ZeroSSL allows fully automated checks for a healthy and functional system of the SSL certificates, this includes the expiration modules, connection, and many more things.

HTTP Checks

With ZeroSSL, you can monitor the HTTP errors, which might occur when you try to access the SSL certificates

ACEM automation

ACME integrations

ZeroSSL Certbot

ZeroSSL also allows automated renewal of contracts. With the ZeroSSL Certbot, your 90-day subscription will be updated for free. You can read all about the Certbot and its documentation on the website.

Third-Party ACME Integrations

ZeroSSL has partnerships and collaborations with all major ACME integration to provide you with the greatest experience.

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