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Retiring Custom Sidebars

WordPress is continually evolving. As Gutenberg marches toward full site editing, it’s inevitable that some things will change and get left behind…like our Custom Sidebars plugin. Whether you love Gutenberg or don’t, the fact is that WordPress is heading toward a “full site editing” user experience

50 Best Brochure Templates Of 2020

Best of 2020 brochure templates perfect for corporate portfolio, company annual report, product catalog, fashion booklet, photography portfolio and company profile. Brochures are designed with a strong theme, multi-functionality and fully editable. Clean and simple brochure templates has all the features you’d expect in a brochures, from placeholders, to text styles, one

How to Start a Photography Business

Starting any business venture requires you to create a systematic plan and follow it gradually to reach your desired results. When you ask yourself the question, 'how to start a photography business', you must perform careful planning and execute it one at a time. Also,