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Types of CSS

Inline Style CSS Inline Style can be assigned to the style attribute of any html tags. <tag style = “attribute: value”>…..</tag> “tag style = “attribute: value”” specifies the attribute and its value for some tags’s contents. Example <html> <p style =”color:blue;font-family:Calibre;font-size:30px”>Text Sample</p> </html> Output: Text Sample Explanation: “color:blue;font-family:Calibre;font-size:30pt” specifies the text color as blue, font family

Free Folded T-Shirt Mockup PSD

Premium free folded t-shirt mockup template, perfect to showcase your brand t-shirt design in a realistic way. You can easily change the shirt color, background and add your own graphics / lettering with the smart layer. This free t-shirt mockup will help you to present your