Introducing Cloning – Create Complete Cloned WordPress Sites In Minutes

Introducing Cloning – Create Complete Cloned WordPress Sites In Minutes

Drumroll… our Hosting now allows you to clone either your own sites or select from expertly fully pre-made WPMU DEV ones. Woohoo!

You know that process you have to go through each time you set up a new WordPress site?

(I) install WP
(II) add, activate & configure plugins
(III) add, activate & configure a theme
(IV) populate the site
(V) set up & manage backups, SEO, white labeling, reports, performance optimization, automatic updates, security and on and on and on

Well, we think that’s way too long, so we’ve developed a brand new system that allows you to do all of that in a few clicks.

Both with expertly pre-made WordPress sites that we’ve supplied, and by using your own templates.

Cartoon - Dev Man To-Do List

Ready to take a look?

Let’s go and inspect your brand new WordPress process.

Templates? Recipes? How About Magic…

There are two types of clones… the first we have lovingly prepared for you, and we hope that you’ll enjoy.

And while they are called templates, they are so much more than templates.

When you start with a template you still have a ton of work to do, whereas with these you are literally good to go from the moment you rename the site.

And while they are like recipes, they are so much more than recipes.

Rather than a list of what to do, think of having a Michelin starred chef in your kitchen ready to serve up the perfect meal at the drop of a hat.

Dine Out On Us

So when you go to create a new site, rather than starting from scratch, all you need to do is to select from one of our expertly created and maintained clones, change the admin details, and minutes later it’s all yours.

Change the logo, tweak the copy, add some products or just tweak the default ones (if it’s a WooCommerce template) and you are good to go.

Every feature – all inclusive – with no extra costs or site licenses.

Each site is fully stacked with Smush, Hummingbird, Defender, SmartCrawl, Forminator and, of course, a host of other great plugins and themes like WooCommerce, Elementor and Neve.

All continuously kept up to date (thanks to Automate) and perfectly configured. By experts.

Clone Site Templates screen.
Create a clone from your websites or from our templates…your choice!

Your new site will live at a temporary domain, ready for you to show it to a client, send it live, or do some further customization.

Just click + in The Hub to get started (and make sure you are using Hub 2.0).

A Clone Of Your Own

And you can easily create your own clones.

In fact… what if I told you that you already have!!! Every site you have hosted with WPMU DEV you can clone right now.

Matrix Dev Man saying what if I told you, you already had your own templates

You can clone any site you currently own whether it’s on a temporary * domain or it’s live (with its own custom domain).

Clone Existing Website screen - Select website to clone
You can select and clone any of your hosted sites right now!

Literally all you have to do is to click on the …s and select ‘Clone website’.

Hub - My Websites screen.
Pick a site and click on ‘Clone website’.

So you can offer your clients not only the whole range of WPMU DEV templates as your own (of course they are all white label too) but also your own custom templates covering whatever industry or area you happen to work in.

Cartoon - DevMan with custom cookie cutter shapes

In the same way as we do, you can use Automate to continuously and safely make sure your templates are updated and fully functional – so once they’ve been created they should be evergreen.

And, as with our own templates, you can configure security, performance, SEO, backups, and way more in The Hub that’ll mean that every cloned site will be buzzing right out of the gate.

My Websites - new cloned site highlighted in hosted sites list.
Every cloned site is ready to rock and roll right out of The Hub gate!

When Can I Start?

Right now! Just clone from an existing site or click the big + in The Hub to see the templates (Hub 2.0 of course).

Clone Existing Website
Let’s get cloning…

Have a go at creating a site from a pre-made template (the Woocommerce one is pretty awesome) or clonging your own ‘starter’ site if you have one.

And hey, why not set up some sites to run as clones.. after all we reckon this feature is going to be the backbone of your own WordPress SaaS business (wait till we show you what we have in store for it and the white label hub and expanded users features!)

Time to save yourself a vast amount of time and effort and completely streamline your business.

Cartoon - DevMan's mind is blown
Excuse me while we blow your mind

Coming Very Soon

Cloning works just great for you right now, but you can expect these improvements in the very near future:

  • Faster cloning – at the moment it takes around 20 minutes to clone a site… that’ll much quicker in the next week and ongoing… regardless you don’t need to stay on the page and we’ll email you when we’re done, thank you for your patience
  • Template sharing – we’re definitely looking at how users can share their sites for cloning, if you’ve got something really awesome you’d like to share let us know and we can probably figure it out manually right now
  • White-label Hub and automated clone creation – I won’t go into this in too much detail, but let’s just say we think it’s a game changer
  • Other cool stuff you ask for -You’re the people who really matter here, we listen to you, so let us know how you’d like this improved and we’ll do it for you

Otherwise, please start your engines and get cloning!