Affinity Airbrush Shading Brushes for Premium Members

Affinity Airbrush Shading Brushes for Premium Members

Access All Areas members have been requesting more Affinity Designer resources, so this week members can download this great set of Airbrush Shading Brushes made specifically for Affinity, courtesy of The Artifex Forge. Add organic texture shading to designs and illustrations with ease! This versatile shading brush pack contains a wide variety of textures – from dense to light and thick to thin – all designed to add scattered texture to your designs and illustrations.

The Artifex Forge

Jeremy Child supplies original illustrative design resources for Illustrator, Photoshop Affinity Designer and Procreate. In Latin, Artifex means ‘an artist, builder or maker of things’ or ‘ingenious and artistic’, which together with the idea of a forge as a workshop really sums up what he does – the creation of practical, useful and beautiful design and illustration tools (and ‘art effects’)! Check out his store or download free products here.

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Airbrush Shading Brushes for Affinity

Affinity Airbrush Shading Brushes

The Affinity Airbrush pack includes 27 bitmap brushes, featuring a range of densities and thicknesses to easily add organic textures to your designs. Also included is a quick reference PDF, use it to find the right brushes quickly. Plus, a thorough guide on how to load, use and edit the brushes into Affinity Designer.

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