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Getting started with packaging design

Packaging – for many brands, it’s something that’s left to the last minute. For designers, it’s an uncommon blank canvas to work on.  But the truth is that designing packaging presents multifaceted challenges that test even the most resourceful graphic designers. Graphic designers need to work

Design News: 15th of June 2020

The interesting news of the past week if you are a graphic designer, web designer, product designer, or pretty much anyone that has an interest in design. The 7 Habits of Exceptionally Creative People Great advice that will truly help and that destroys some myths around creativity.

Design Deals for the Week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed. You can also follow the recently launched website Type Deals if you are looking for free fonts or font deals. Exclusive Font Bundle of 50+

10 Useful Paper Cut-Out Fonts

Digital design is great, it opens a range of possibilities that were unheard of previously. However, sometimes you just want to give a more human, non-digital look-and-feel to your designs. Unfortunately, you cannot always work by hand on your designs for obvious time reasons, but

6 DIY Design Tools for Non-Designers

As someone who loves design but who has admittedly little artistic ability, I’m always looking for new design tools that let me create beautiful visuals without needing to ask for help. To save you some of the work, I’m sharing some of my favorite DIY tools for creating custom-made